Forgetting Farah Fawcett

I noticed immediately following the memoriam section of last night’s Oscars that Farah Fawcett was left off the list.  But Michael Jackson was included.  Not to knock the King of Pop, but he wasn’t an actor.

I found an interesting article:

Look at “Dr. T’s” poster — that’s her face, second down on the right-hand side. That’s her name at the top, among a list of co-stars that includes Helen Hunt, Liv Tyler, Kate Hudson, and Laura Dern.  One would think that  during their evaluation as to who makes the list and who doesn’t, the AMPAS folks would have taken the time to look at the candidate’s credits on a certain website — or even their own member rolls. As The Wrap pointed out, Fawcett is an Academy member.  Michael Jackson, who died within hours of Fawcett’s passing and made “Memoriam’s” cut, is not. The Academy also found room for a publicist, but not Fawcett.  Full Article

Another good point; Farah was an Academy Member. It’s just sad that they decided not to include her.

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~ by justcallaction on March 9, 2010.

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