The Last Exorcism

•June 1, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Looks fantastically creepy!!!

The Whistleblower

•June 1, 2010 • Leave a Comment

The audio and video are a little off on the trailer, but it’s all I could find.

The movie looks awesome.  I love seeing strong female leads.

The Last Airbender

•June 1, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Eh, maybe I’ll see it… Maybe I won’t.


•May 28, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Seems a little too angsty and predictable for me.

Life As We Know It

•May 27, 2010 • 1 Comment

Yes, it’s like another Knocked Up kind of movie again with Katherine Heigl…  But I still want to see it.

Morning Glory

•May 26, 2010 • Leave a Comment

GREAT cast!  I will definitely being seeing this!!


•May 25, 2010 • Leave a Comment

I think this is going to be a really important one to see.


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